Suruba: Primal Urge
Suruba: Primal Urge

Suruba: Primal Urge

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Athletic Model Guild, the undisputed leader in male vintage pornography, has a new look. The new AMG is younger, darker, and more hardcore. In its second release from the premium brand, AMG Brasil, the studio is taking hardcore pornography a step further. Primal Urge is the first release from the Suruba line of DVDs. In it, Director Dennis Bell explores the world of Brazilian gay sex. Suruba, which appropriately translates to orgy, is a collection of hardcore gangbang features that abandon plots for extra sucking, fucking, docking, and rimming. The Suruba philosophy? Less talk, more rock hard cock. Like, its predecessor, Deluge, the film was shot entirely on site in Brazil with only the best Brazilian models. 

If Bell was looking to make the feel-good hit of the summer, he succeeded with ease and a cast of beautiful, uncut men from the booming metropolises of Brazil. Primal Urge is a masturbatory masterpiece. 

Scene 1

On the balcony of a secluded building deep in the Brazilian jungle, a tanned and toned Brazilian boy named Regis Rodrigues takes his friend, Thiago Rocha’s uncut cock deep into his salivating mouth. Down the stairs and across a long stretch of lush green land, three naked natives writhe on top of each other as if they were the only three men alive. Unaware of their proximity to one another, they go on rimming and blowing each other, not knowing they will soon be united in a sweaty, sexy, and carnal ball of man lust. 

On a rock somewhere between the two, stands a bronzed Adonis. Anderson Alves moves his hand up and down the length of his milk chocolate member. He watches from a distance caressing his rock hard pecks and slapping his concrete cock until it bounces back and slaps the deep ‘V’ that leads to his love pole. What will he do? Which side will he choose?

Scene 2

To his right, Regis Rodrigues and Thiago Rocha’s mostly-exposed bodies press up against the rail of a balcony. The two men rub their rigid dicks through skin-tight briefs. The tension builds as Thiago moves his mouth down South, licking Regis’ nipples and then his covered cock. After a period of heavy grabbing and groping, the action really begins. Regis takes Thiago deep into his mouth. Thiago’s heavy hand pushes the boy’s head farther and farther down his extensive shaft.  Regis comes up for a bit of air. He grabs both of their dicks and strokes them in unison in his large firm hands. Eventually, Regis turns his back on the boy exposing a perfectly round bubble butt. Thiago cannot resist and buries his head deep in his musty crack. Like any great lover, he takes his time flicking his tongue in and out, rimming Regis’ tight hole. 

Scene 3

To his left, Davi Maya and Andrey Dimas simultaneously run their wet and gaping mouths along the expanse of Marcks Dias’ dick. The two hungry boys take him deep in their mouths, first together and then separately. Dias bucks his toned thighs against their expectant faces. As Anderson continues to slap and stroke his solid cock, the threesome heats up. The svelt Andrey continues to blow Marcks while Davi attentively flicks his tongue against the boy’s eager brown hole. 

Scene 4

Anderson continues his stroke session, glancing back and forth from group to group licking his lips and moaning. Then, seemingly from out of nowhere, two wholesome looking boys appear and are immediately attracted to the voyeur. Falsto Chaves and Daniel Rasek come up from either side. Falsto’s mouth hits Anderson’s dick like a heat-seeking missile. Anderson stands high above the two men, his dick at the perfect height to be shoved into the mouth of either boy. Falsto continues to suck Anderson’s shaft as Daniel licks his tight ball sack. After taking off their painted-on briefs they take turns blowing the fowl mouthed hunk. He mutters inaudible Portuguese, throwing his head back with passion.  The boys sit on either side of Anderson and he jumps down from his perch to return the favor. His head bounces back and forth from lap to lap pleasuring the men with his filthy mouth. 

Scene 5

Marcks. Davi, and Andrey are so deeply enthralled with their own threesome that they are virtually cut off from their surroundings, existing almost independently of the sites and sounds that surround them. That is, until the orgy is discovered. Thiago and Regis, worked-up from their sucking session, move in on the human ball of lust. Thiago takes his place next to Marcks on a rock above the other men while Regis turns Davi’s attention from Andrey’s ass to his solid member. Marcks strokes his dick and looks on as Thiago fucks Andrey’s hungry mouth. Soon he will be sandwiched between the two men. Thiago stands atop the rock moving his shaft in and out of Marcks’ mouth while Andrey kneels and swallows Marcks’ throbbing rod. 

Scene 6

Before long the film explodes in a all out gang bang. The two orgies have now become one and all eight men suck, fuck, tongue and finger each other with reckless abandon. The men line up. Thiago, Regis, Anderson and Falsto stand tall with their erect penises penetrating the wet mouths of their companions. What follows is a varitable musical chairs of dick: Thiago blows Anderson, Anderson blows Marcks, Davi rims Thiago, Marcks sucks Anderson, Daniel sucks Marcks and Anderson, Andrey sucks Falsto, and so on. 

Scene 7

There is only one thing left to do, and they are ready to do it. Anderson slides a condom on over his eternally erect member as the sound of balls slapping a taut ass mix with the cries of Brazilian jungle animals. Thiago simultaneously prepares for the fuck fest by sliding a rubber sheath over his skin sword. He takes the dagger and slides it inside Davi’s wet hole with ease. To his left, his counterpart, Regis plows away at Andrey’s slight frame. The boy slams his ass hard against Regis’ firm thighs. Marcks bends over, one leg up on the rock and the other firmly on the ground as Daniel smoothly moves his dick in and out of his ass. Sweat drips from his face as Marcks defines the term power bottom. He rides Daniel’s cock like a cowboy riding an angry bull. Having, proved themselves as the most experienced assholes in the bunch, Marcks and Andrey take on each boy one at a time. With each turn comes an even more intense fuck.  

Scene 8

The orgy culminates in a fervent circle jerk. Anderson, the man who had once longingly stared off in the distance as the other men enjoyed each other’s perfect bodies, is now the center of attention. He no longer has to wonder who he will choose. The seven men stand around him staring down at him on the rock below. They each stroke their own dicks, caressing their bodies and moaning. They are ready to satiate the primal urge that has consumed them from the beginning. A shower of cum begins with Davi beginning the deluge. Streams of white liquid fly across the men landing on every inch of Anderson’s body. The bronzed Adonis now glistens with the cum of his many lovers. After they have all finished, Anderson continues with increased fervor until his penis explodes in a volcanic eruption. He screams, opening his mouth wide as his seamen flies up and on to his chest.