Suruba: Bronze

Suruba: Bronze

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Scene 1

Leo and Kayk, two lightly tanned Brazilian men, share a not so innocent shower on a beach near Rio de Janeiro. The two men, clad in tight box-style trunks, passionately kiss as water splashes off their hard bodies. Kayk takes the cake with his blowjob skills running the length of Leo’s swollen banana dick with his pierced tongue. Leo’s pulls his cock out of Kayk’s hungry mouth and whacks his face repeatedly using his dick like a club. The pounding stops momentarily as Leo turns his partner around and gives his ass the attention it deserves. First groping, then licking–one cheek, then the next and finally his hot hole. Fresh off the rim job, Kayk gets down on his knees and finishes the task at hand. 

Scene 2

Caio and Carlos sit at a table holding hands and staring at their real-life reflections. They gaze longingly into one another’s big brown eyes, lips pursed stroking their own dicks. Carlos reaches out to his identical brother and flicks his purple nipples. The gesture opens the floodgates and the boys begin to caress like life-long lovers. Their caresses eventually lead south and a brotherly meat beating session begins. In the midst of their mutual j.o., Rayko Filhips appears close by on a lounge chair. The brothers’ dicks go straight for his mouth like heat seeking missiles. They bludgen the boys salivating opening with their throbbing shafts. When he is done with their dicks, they turn and Rayko feasts on a buffet of beefy ass.

Scene 3

Mauro Reis and Kauan, two tanned twinks, stand stark naked caressing and kissing by a pool. Mauro drops to his knees sliding Kauan’s meat to the hilt. As Mauro deep throats Kauan, Lucas rounds the corner, honing in on the two lovers. He hops up on a table adding a third link to the b.j. chain. With in minutes, the order changes. Kauan is now on his knees diligently sucking Mauro’s dick while Mauro focuses his fellatio on his elevated partner. Eventually, the twinks turn their focus to Lucas’ hard body, flanking him on either side. As the boys blow him double time, twins Caio and Carlos appear followed by Leo and an outdoor orgy ensues. 

Scene 4

What follows is an incredible orgy of bronzed Brazilian men. Each man has his way sucking or getting sucked until rain begins to sprinkle the gangbang. Wet from the drizzle, the boys move inside where the fucking begins. Within seconds they have regrouped and everyone has found a mate. Lucas lays Mauro down and fucks his tight hole, his legs spread in the air, panting. Kauan rides Leos raging dick like a cowboy, and Caio and Carlos pound Rayko and Kayk respectively. No ass is spared in this fuck fest–the tops in this game tear their tight bottoms open and jump form ass to ass wreaking havoc on the expectant holes. Grunts and moans coupled with the slap of skin on skin create a sexual symphony. 

Eventually, the rain subsides and the men race outside and regroup under the blaring Brazilian sun. After extensice hardcore fucking, the action explodes in the form of Lucas Ramiro. He sprays streams of hot white over Mauros face. As soon as the first load is shot, cum starts falling like rain, with each man following seconds behind the last.