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Under the harsh rays of the sun, 8 Brazilian ranch hands labor away, working to keep the Fazenda (farm) running smoothly. For these sweaty country boys hard work is a way of life. They toil tirelessly to ensure that the farm is producing at maximum capacity. It is hard work, and when the work is done they turn the lush green countryside into their own private play land. Once these hos have put down the hoes, they pick up their protection and show their comrades what it really means to get plowed. 

Scene 1 Leandro Caruso and Roger Carniero

Leandro Caruso stands outside a ranch house taunting a green parrot with a banana. Before long a curious ranch hand by the name of Roger Carneiro stumbles by. Curious to see how Leandro’s own banana compares, Roger approaches the slim hunk and immediately drops to his knees taking his massive manliness deep into his mouth. Leandro eventually grabs the boy by the hips, turning him around and throwing him against a near by tree. They go back and forth licking, tonguing and deep-throating each other until Leandro again takes the initiative. He turns Roger over and with virtually no warning, he shoves his throbbing cock deep inside the boys tight hole. He fucks with such intensity that it is hard to decipher between screams of agony and ecstasy. Roger eventually takes his turn. He bends Leandro at the waste and slides his dick in, standing straight on both feet while he fucks the much-taller Leandro, now on all fours. He pulls out quickly shooting all over Leandro’s back then reinserts his cock. After a few extra pumps, Leandro shoots streams of sperm onto the fresh bright green lawn.

Scene 2

From one foul to the next, scene two opens with tanned twink Kayo Brandaõ chasing turkeys on dry land. In the distance, a slim but chiseled Dillon Ramalho approaches on a small boat. It’s not long before Dillon docks his boat on dry land and his dick in Kayo’s tight brown hole. The two prop the boat against a tree and start fucking almost immediately. They exchange blowjobs and rimjobs before Dillon turns Kayo around for some serious jack hammering. The men stand straight up leaning against the boat for support and Dillon slams his rigid cock in the boys taut fuck hole.  The scene ends with the two showering each other with gobs of thick white jizz. 

Scene 3

Scene three opens with one horse and two birds of a feather–that is Caio and Carlos Carvalho. The brawny brothers are out taking their trusty steed for a stroll when they spot Latin firecracker, Yago Mendoca laying tile on a barnyard roof. They make eye contact and before long the brothers have turned their attention from stead to stud. They carry Yago to an open field and immediately begin to suck and rim him. Carlos blows the petite powerhouse’s third leg while Carlos hones in on his musclar mounds. After the warm up, the twins lay flat on their backs allowing Yago to bounce from dick to dick–his tiny ass like a mobile receptacle for their twin poles. For a change of pace the brothers lay Yago flat on his back and shoot double loads on his chest.  

Scene 4

Scene four takes a decidedly less avian, but nonetheless sexy turn. Two young men, cover boy Renzo Castelli and twink Adriel Pedorsa, interrupt an afternoon chat by the stables to share in a wank. Renzo begins the session stroking his dick and soon slipping his companion’s meat between his lips. As Renzo takes a break from throating Adriel, the camera zooms in on his member. From the corner of the frame, Renzo’s supple bottom descends on to Adriel’s monster cock. He takes no time warming him up and aggressively slams his thin hips into Renzo’s bubble butt. Sweat beads up on Renzo’s forehead as the intensity increases. He clenches his teeth and moans with pleasure. The boys switch places momentarily and Renzo makes sure that Adriel’s asshole get the same stern attention that his received. Before long a torrent of man juice flies from Adriels dick straight across Renzo’s solid abs.