Suruba: Tropicus

Suruba: Tropicus

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Scene 1

Water pours off the compact frame of Yago Mendoça. He stands under the steady stream of an open-air, poolside shower. Beads of water glisten in the sun and Yago caresses his saturated flesh. He strokes the surface of his washboard abdomen and slowly moves his hands over his semi-erect prick and tightened sac. 

Scene 2

In the distance, bronzed hunk Ricardo Onça pays similar respects to his statuesque physique. He concentrates his attention on the pillar of his manliness. Ricardo gently strokes his uncut phallus and tugs at the unspoiled foreskin. As his cock worship continues, Rick Montoro, a robust muscle hunk with a baby face approaches. The two stand side-by-side continuing to venerate their manhood. 

A slimmer, darker admirer approaches as the golden poles slide in an out of the hands of their respective owners. The tanned twink, Gustavo Covas, kneels as if in prayer and bathes their dicks with his watering mouth. 

Scene 3

Derek Malkovick, a tall, thin redhead extends the religious imagery, immersing his entire body in a cool blue body of water. He swims the length of the pool and emerges between the athletic legs of Marcello Barros. Both move poolside and Marcello drops to his knees to accept Derek’s rock-solid rod. He slams his hips into his comrade’s face. 

Scene 4

Back at the shower, a comparably cherubic young man joins Yago under the steady stream. Yago and Roger Carnerio study each other’s bodies with attentive hands and mouths. Simple study however is not enough to satiate their magnetism. Roger opens his mouth and slides his lips up and down the length of Yago’s dick. 

With in minutes, the scene has gone from one-on-one to full-fledged orgy. Each group approaches the sacred circle of lust and the men begin to blow their partners. The blowjobs continue with the men switching off regularly. The heat is so explosive that even muscle hunk Rick pops his oral cherry, taking on Gustavo’s fully erect tool. Later, Marcello (no stranger to having dick in his mouth) double-sucks Ricardo and Rick. 

Now poolside, the men are split, half in the pool and half on the edge. As Roger deep throat’s Yago, Marcello lifts the boy’s ass out of the pool, spreads his cheeks and flicks his tongue against the contracting hole. Blowjobs turn to rim jobs across the board as the men come closer to their grand finale. 

Scene 5

The men are prepped and the next stage of the orgy begins with a close up of Ricardo sliding his shaft inside Marcello’s welcoming hole. They stand straight up with Marcello gripping the railing of the pool ladder and Ricardo ferociously plunging in and out of his taut buttocks. A series of couplings, threesomes and trains ensues. The boys take turns fucking each of the bottoms until they are already to explode. The scene comes to a head with Roger laying on his back and his six cohorts stroking intensely above him. Yago shoots first ushering in a flood of white liquid. One-by-one the boys let loose until Rogers entire body is spotted with gooey, white nectar.