Suruba: Piroca

Suruba: Piroca

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Piroca is the tale of a group of intertwined sexual experiences between a group of friends at a jungle estate outside Rio de Janeiro.  In Brasil, the word Piroca is another word for dick. It carries a negative connotation, but for these boys Piroca isn't something to shy away from, it is something to be coveted. The boys of Piroca are out for one thing only, a day of hot fucking man-on-man gang bang action. 

Scene 1: The film opens with Junior Ronaldo and Kayo Brandao in a serious lip lock. The boys stand on a rock outside a large estate in the Brasilian countryside. Their tight, caramel bodies exposed to the Brasilian sunlight, Kayo takes the lead here, dropping to his knees and pulling Junior's tight red sungas (square-cut bathing suits) down to reveal a rock hard dick. He takes Junior deep inside his mouth as Junior rocks his hips back and forth, slapping his taut balls against Kayo's chin.  Though he is intensely engaged with the boy at his knees, Junior continues to turn his attention to the building in the background, as if he is afraid of being caught. 

It turns out, he is not distracted at all. On the balcony, far in the distance, the image of three sunga-clad men engaged in a three-way make out session becomes clear. The image of these men fuels the passion between Kayo and Junior. Junior, no longer content of the receiving end, ravages Kayo's rock-solid cock with his supple lips. 

The camera pans out to find Aquiles Mochado and Kelvin Kappeletti, the films muscle hunks, already striped down and engaged in an outdoor circle jerk with AMG surfer boy, Regis Rodrigues. The action moves from stroking to sucking as both Aquiles and Regis concentrate on Kelvin's throbbing member. Aquiles takes the shaft first, sliding it into his salivating mouth. Meanwhile, Regis tickles Kelvin's sac with the tip of his tongue, running it from his taint to the base of his dick. Kelvin then takes an active role, sucking both boys separately, and eventually stuffing both of their stiff  dicks in his mouth. 

From the balcony, the boys can see the entire sprawling estate, where their housemates are engaged in steamy engagements of their own. The camera turns to one such rendezvous between, Primal Urge, cover boy, Thiago Rocha and muscle bound first-timer Jonny Saullo. The boys kiss and caress under a steady stream of water from an outdoor, pool side shower just below the balcony, where the threesome continues.

The camera returns to the boys on the deck to find Aquiles feasting on his buddys' soft, round asses. He pushes the boys against the railing and ravages their apple bottoms with his forceful tongue.

Back at the shower, Jonny and Thiago are in a firm embrace rubbing their hands over each other's fit bodies. Thiago's fondles Jonny's perfectly round ass through a pair of skin-tight black sungas. Soon, Jonny pulls down Thiago's Brazilian flag sungas to expose a firm, uncut man shaft. He takes the entire thing in his mouth, as the sun and water beat down on their naked bodies.  Jonny, then moves to a nearby bench where he sits down to receive a rigorous blow job from his comrade. In the midst of the b.j., the entire group of perfectly tanned boys convene on the estate pool. 

Regis gives Jonny something to put his mouth around while Thiago continues to concentrate on his dick. Simultaneously, Kayo's mouth is shared between Junior, Kelvin and, Aquiles. The boys alternate, sucking and getting sucked. The pool side fuck fest continues,  until the urge to fuck overwhelms the group of friends. The boys move to the edge of the pool and turn to fucking. Kayo, Thiago, and Junior take the passive role as their partners slam their respective Pirocas deep into the boys' moist, aching holes. The one-on-one action only lasts so long before the boys get a little more creative. Their crowning achievement is a three way train. Kayo is down on hands and knees, Kelvin fills his mouth while Junior fills his ass. Junior pumps in and out of Kayo in a steady rhythm as Johnny rams his massive member into Junior's ass. 

The boys eventually replace their partners with dildos. The tops stand over them, spewing their hot, thick loads on the bottoms splayed on the ground. Each of the boys comes in succession beginning with Kelvin and ending with Junior who shots buckets across his chest. The film closes with the group of friends, cleaning up in the cool blue pool.