Amazonia - Release

Amazonia - Release

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The Amazon jungle is steeped with mystique and enigma, bigger than any one man. Lost, and with nowhere to turn, Buckshot Man Danny Roddick races for his life through the jungle, trying to escape the wrath of the Indian warrior tribe he has disturbed. Tradition wins out over modernity at his final capture when Danny is sacrificed by horny Indians in a ritualistic orgy.

Scene 1:

The eyes of a macumba witch doctor stare coldly into the camera. On the other end of that stare, Danny Roddick trembles in fear. The macumba has come to warn Danny that he has angered the Gods of the Amazon and must return the contents of his bag to the jungle, or suffer the consequences. The macumba goes into a ritualistic trance, and a confused Roddick, snatches one of many necklaces hanging from the macumba’s neck. 

He runs back to the beach where he had seen the surfers, but they are nowhere to be found. The only trace of their presence is a couple of bars of surf wax. 

The surfers have left the beach for a little mid-day sex romp. Once off the beach João Gabriel and Leandro Pitanga get right down to business. They begin with some simple kissing and caressing, running their hands over each other’s tight little bodies. Leandro then drops to his knees and slides his friend’s uncut shaft in and out of his mouth. João returns the favor before getting on all fours. Leandro drills João’s tight hole until the boys cum in unison.

Scene 2: 

Back at the beach Danny searches for signs of life. As he is perusing the beach, he sees a pair of Indians fishing in the distance. He quickly ducks back into the jungle. 

JJ Furtado (a bottom first-timer) and Will Castelo (Suruba: Pecado), don’t see Danny and leave their fishing hole for a more private spot. Once out of sight, JJ immediately rips off Will’s loincloth to reveal a throbbing shaft. He fills his mouth with it, bobbing up and down with vigor. JJ continues to take control shoving his dick into Will’s mouth and slamming his hips into his face. Unable to resist his partner, JJ lowers his virgin ass on to Will’s rock-solid cock. Will rips his cherry apart, and the boys fuck like their lives depend on it. JJ cums on his own chest as Will fucks him on his back. Will then pulls out and cums on JJ’s chest, leaving him drenched in Indian jizz.

Scene 3:

Having found no way out on the beach, Danny returns to the jungle. Frantic from fear, he runs without direction. Desperately praying for a way out. Unfortunately for him their will be no way out. 

In a small clearing, Danny is ambushed by a group of Amazons. They tie his hands and feet and drag him back to camp.

Back at camp, Lucas Ramiro (Suruba: Bronze) and Oliver Lima, prepare for the night’s sacrificial ceremony. The boys suggestively smear red, white and black paint over their mostly-exposed bodies. As they continue to apply the makeup, tension builds until neither party can resist temptation. Oliver Lima makes the first move, slowly removing Lucas’ loincloth. He locks his plump lips around Lucas’ perfect caramel stick. Lucas turns the tables, swallowing Oliver’s dick with ease and excitement. Soon even the makeup is too much and the boys strip themselves bear. Now, with nothing between them, the boys are ready for unbridled intimacy. Lucas eager to get fucked, climbs on top of Oliver and lowers himself slowly on to his concrete cock. Oliver eventually cums on Lucas’ ass before standing to let his own juice loose. 

Scene 4:

A fire burns brightly next to a large rock where Alex Tentor, now sheathed in a small bullhorn, and Danny Roddick are bound and surrounded by a band of four Indians. Their chief (Ricardo Onça) stands over the boys chanting and laughing maniacally. Next to his feet is Danny’s bag. The Indians stand over the boys, jacking off as the Chief unveils the bags contents. With each item he grows more furious. 

Tension mounts as the ritual wears on. As the prisoners beg for their lives, the Indians grow increasingly horny, eventually breaking into a full on circle jerk. Ricardo drops to his knees and forces his dick into Danny’s mouth as Peterson Corriera slaps his ass and shoves Danny’s head into Ricardo’s crotch. Soon Roger Carneiro and Tanto (Leandro Caruso) are double-teaming Alex Tentor. He reluctantly sucks Leandro’s dick as Roger eats his ass with carnal passion. Meanwhile Peterson beats his shaft against Danny’s face. 

Soon the sacrifice is fully underway and the two white boys become receptacles for Indian cock. Each Indian fucks their victims in term, paying no heed to their cries for helps. As the other Indian’s fuck the two sacrificial lambs like jackhammers, Leandro stands to the side slowly stroking himself and staring longingly at his former lover, Danny Roddick. As Danny is being pounded doggy-style, Tanto looks over his shoulder and knowingly winks in his direction. Once the boys have been fucked within an inch of their lives, the Indians stand over them and, in succession, shower them with their native seed. After the sacrifice, the boys are left to wither in the jungle.

Later that night, Tanto returns and releases Danny from his binds. Alex cries out, but Tanto cares only for Danny. They run off into the darkness and Tanto leads him to the edge of the jungle. Danny gazes out over the city’s skyline and back at his native lover. 

Fade to black.