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They are the most gorgeous creatures in the World. Virile, sexually adventurous, and full of energy, these uncut Rio natives are the perfect picture of Brazilian youth. In Rio, you’ll catch a glimpse of what makes your favorite Carioca porn stars tick. And after the talk is through, you’ll witness their most intimate, hardcore fantasies. This is an entirely new side of Rio. 

Scene 1

Jack Benelli is a short, slender Carioca who sells cocoanut water by the beach in Rio’s famed Ipanema district. He is gay, and likes taking it doggy style. Ricardo Onça is a straight bouncer, and regular a gay bar frequenter. He’s strictly a top. Rodolfo Guerra, is a kinky bi boy, with a muscular build, and thick uncut tool. When he’s not fucking for money, he works for the Rio fire department. He loves a man’s ass. 

In their fantasy sequence, Rodolfo and Ricardo are acquaintances vacationing at a friend’s estate. They sit around the breakfast table in their sungas, long after the rest of the party has left to explore their surroundings. As they chat about the national soccer team and dancing at Rio’s infamous nightclubs, Jack Benelli approaches, butt naked, carrying a bunch of bananas. His body is tight, and his raging hard on is fully exposed. His body is covered in the sweet, sticky juice of the sugar cane he had been cutting earlier in the day. Rodolfo and Ricardo don’t know each other well, but they share a special appreciation for fucking. Without a word, the two approach the young man, snag the fruit from his hands, and the fun begins. 

Rodolfo lies on the breakfast table, with jack standing between his legs. Jack runs his salivating tongue over Rodolfo’s thick cock before taking the entire thing in his mouth. Ricardo stands behind, simultaneously slapping Jack’s face with his hand, and his ass with his cock. Jack continues to suck Rodolfo as Ricardo focuses his attention on Jack’s raging hard, dick. As Rodolfo forces Jack’s face against his cock, Ricardo suddenly slams his cock into Jack’s throbbing asshole. He fucks Jack vigorously as Jack gags on Rodolfo’s manhood. After sometime plowing Jack on the table, the three move to a near by bench, where Jack bounces from cock to cock, until both Ricardo and Rodolfo blow their loads across his quivering lips. With cum dripping from his face, Jack cums across his chest.

Scene 2

To a gay man, Amaro Augusto might look like the perfect twink; tight little body, boyish good looks, and a willingness to take anything in his ass. But, if you ask Amaro, a soldier in the Brazilian army, he’ll tell you he’s strictly gay for pay. Aleff Pavenello, on the other hand, isn’t in it for the money. No, this 22-year-old college student, is a straight up homo. 

In their fantasy sequence, Aleff is an estate owner with an eye for one of his employee’s sons (played by Amaro). On a typical day in Rio, the sun becomes almost too much to bear. To get away from the heat, Amaro heads to the outdoor shower, near the cool blue water of Aleff’s swimming pool. Amaro strokes his cock as the cool water runs over his flawless caramel complexion. Within moments, his cock is rock hard. Amaro becomes so wrapped up in stroking his tool, that he doesn’t notice Aleff’s presence, until his manly frame penetrates the cool blue water of the pool. After a quick dip, Aleff hops out of the pool and sits, watching Amaro from across the pool. Without a word, Amaro approaches, still rock hard, and Aleff immediately begins to suck him off. Impatient to blow his load, Amaro throws Aleff on a nearby couch, slamming his wet cock into Aleff’s expectant hole. After plowing him on his back, Amaro moves Aleff against a tree, and the two fuck, standing up, using the tree for support. Anxious to let go, Amaro and Aleff move back to the pool, where Aleff lies on his side as Amaro slams his hard cock deep inside Aleff’s ass. He pulls out, just in time to pour his hot cum over Aleff’s supple ass cheeks. 

Scene 3

Marcelo Mastro, is a caramel Adonis. At 25, he’s got the perfect body, a tall boy for a cock, and a sweet disposition. He’ll tell you himself, he’s gay and there’s nothing he loves more than the affection of another man. Bruno Camargo is a sponsored fighter. Unlike Marcelo, he’s bi, but he loves cock. 

In their fantasy, the two are friends building a structure from bamboo for an upcoming party. Toiling away under the punishing Brazilian sun, Marcelo grows frustrated with his friend, as he notices that Bruno isn’t pulling his weight. He confronts his friend, and after a few minutes of argument, he gives Bruno what he’s got coming to him – a good, hard fuck. He pulls down Bruno’s shorts, running his thick fingers over his hard muscles. As Marcelo strokes his muscles, Bruno reaches behind him, pulling Marcelo’s monstrous member out of his skintight sunga. His throbbing cock proves too much for Bruno to resist, and he drops to his knees, taking Marcelo completely in his mouth. 

After stretching Bruno’s mouth to its widest, Marcelo returns the favor, lavishing Bruno’s hard cock with his spit. While on his knees, Marcelo turns Bruno around and concentrates his energy on his sweet, round ass cheeks. As he runs his tongue over Bruno’s ass cheeks, he runs his fingers in and out of his pink, puckered asshole. Primed for the action to come, Bruno lowers his ass onto his friends cock – stretching his asshole wider than it has ever been stretched. Marcelo’s cock drives deep inside Bruno’s ass, slamming against his prostate, and driving Bruno mad. Anxious to get as much of Marcelo as possible, Bruno moves to a nearby all terrain vehicle, and lays down on it’s hood, presenting his asshole to his ass-hungry compadre. Marcelo rips into his friend once more, slamming deep inside until Bruno can no longer resist the urge to cum. Streams of white-hot jizz fly from his cock, as Marcelo continues to give it all he’s got. Marcelo, pulls out, turns Bruno over, and unloads all over his ass and back. 

Scene 4 

Rick Garcia maybe straight, but he’s a professional, and as such, he’s up for just about anything. This 20-year-old Rio native knows how to get the job done, and have a little fun at the same time. Alex Frias is bisexual, whether on or off the job. He’s 22, a top and loves just about everything about a  man. 

In their fantasy, Alex and Rick, shirts off, run through a path cut into a large grove of trees on a private estate. The sunlight, filtered through the leaves of the trees, bounces off of their tight young bodies. At the end of their run, the boys come up to the side of a house and Alex picks up a hose, swinging it at his friend and soaking him to the bone. Rick quickly removes his shorts, followed by Alex, and a water fight ensues. 

As the boys splash around the yard, their cocks grow hard, until their innocent game turns to an impassioned kiss. The kiss soon turns to touching, and within moments, Rick is on his knees, trying hard to stuff his friend’s gigantic cock into his mouth. He slides his mouth over the thick shaft, but as hard as he tries, there’s no reaching the hilt of Alex’s cock. Alex brings Rick to his feet and turns him around. Without warning, he slams his cock deep into Rick’s cherry ass. Alex drives deep into Rick, until Rick, quivering with pleasure can no longer stand. The two move to a tiled porch and Rick lies on his back as Alex fucks him with growing passion. As he plows his ass, Alex grabs the hose again, spraying Rick as he drives his tool deep inside his straight friend’s sweet cheeks. 

From the porch, the two move poolside, and Alex lays Rick on the back of a lounge chair. Standing above him, he holds Rick up by his hips, penetrating him from above. Alex plows into Rick, until the two have reached their breaking point. Alex pulls out, and instantly comes, shooting streams of jizz across Rick’s chest and face. Moments later, Rick lets loose, adding to the pools of cum on his chest.