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3000 Original Films from Bob Mizer’s AMG to be Saved

Sailors, wizards and cowboys hide in hundreds of boxes of film packed away for decades, waiting to see the light of day once again.  The Bob Mizer Foundation announced today the launch of a Kickstarter fundraising project that will begin the preservation of a major collection of early gay erotic films produced by porn pioneer Bob Mizer throughout the 1950s - 1970s.  

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Even twenty years after his death, Bob Mizer still has scores of friends, new and old. With their help, we've reached over 150% of our stated goal on! We'll be moving forward now and acquiring quite a bit of photographic preservation supplies, storage furniture, and more. Thanks so much for your donations!

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The bulk of photographer Bob Mizer's estate was unceremoniously thrown in the dumpster in 1992 after he died in Los Angeles. Fifty-year-old boxes of correspondence, studio props and personal artifacts from one of America’s most controversial artists are gone forever.  Luckily the core of his life's work, consisting of about one million photographic negatives and thousands of 16mm films and videotapes, survived this irresponsible action and was boxed up and locked in storage for the next decade. Now that is where you come in.  Together, we can get proper archival storage materials and save it! Here's the main page link and a couple others. or the SHORT LINK>>> The video on YouTube: BMF on Facebook Bob Mizer wikipedia

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